Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C

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Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
1. Uncontrollable bush fires _________ by high winds engulfed nearly 300 houses in the states of Victoria and South Australia

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
2. Smoke and dust clouds were so thick above Melbourne that airports were closed ______.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
3. Perhaps no creature on land or sea _________ so much terror as the Great White Shark.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
4. A six-metre shark died after trying to swallow a man ________.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
5. Sharks are single-minded, and will usually __________ rescuers; they concentrate on their original victims.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
6. Shark attacks always hit the ___________.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
7. 70% of shark-attack victims die, largely due to blood _____ and shock.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
8. Mandanga broke off diplomatic _________ with Zaspal yesterday when talks between the two countries over a border dispute broke down.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
9. Help is _______ for suffers from the flu epidemic which broke out before Christmas.

on the way
in the way
by the way
over the way
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
10. Prince George has broken with family ________ by getting engaged to a shop assistant.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
11. I hope you won't take ________ if I tell you the truth.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
12. Computer scientists are now working on the next _______ of computers.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
13. Most people are aware of their astrological ___________.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
14. They sent out a ________ party for fear he'd got lost.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
15. He said an airplane would be _______ supplies to him at regular intervals.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
16. The British monarchy is an enormously popular _________.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
17. In the late 1970s, a newspaper _________ an opinion poll.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
18. Anger that you don't _______ to others can become anger that you turn against yourself.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
19. Most collectors begin ___________ things which interest them, and as the collection grows, knowledge of the subject grows.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
20. Ball-point pens were widely available, and were made in a large ______ of colors and styles.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
21. He opened the letter without ________ to read the address on the envelope.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
22. I am very ________ in the information you have gievn me.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
23. Workers who do not obey the safety regulations will be __________ immediately.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
24. He was an _________ writer because he persuaded many people to see the truth of his ideas.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
25. Many education courses require both ____ (oral) and written presentations before degrees are awarded.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
26. __________ (gradually), John's fear of heights subsided as he climbed Mt. Katahdin, Maine's highest peak.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
27. It would be impossible to __________ (remember) all the events of that day: it was so gectic.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
28. Handwriting analysis is a valuable _______ (tool) for the identification of forgeries.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
29. Trees that _______ (block) the view of oncoming traffic should be cut down.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
30. Attitudes to animals ________ greatly between two extremes.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
31. You must ________ asleep in the train.

be tired if you have been fallen
be tired of you had fallen
have been tired if you fell
have been tired if you fall
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
32. Would you like to elaborate ______ your last answer?

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
33. Scarcely _________ when the fight broke out.

he arrived
he had arrived
did he arrive
had he arrived
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
34. It was as if the whole town _______ asleep.

had fallen
would have fallen
should fall
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
35. _____________ is called erosion.

The wearing away of land
When the land wears away
Lands which wears away
Wearing away land
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
36. ______________, we drove the horses into the stable.

Aware that a tornado was brewing
Because a tornado brewing
Although a tornado was brewing
A tornado was brewing
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
37. It is a sign _____ fall when the leaves on the trees begin to change color.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
38. I don't want to ask people for help as a rule but I wonder if you could _____ me a favor.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
39. I had to get up early, __________ I'd have missed the train.

if not
so that
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
40. Although he hasn't said anything, he ________ to be upset about it.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
41. Throughout history, the moon has inspired not only song and dance ___________.

and also poetry and prose
but poetry also prose
together with poetry and prose
but poetry and prose as well.
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
42. Precaustions are taken ________ a hurricane threatens to strike the coast of the United States.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
43. _____________ about how much sleep is necessary.

No rules are
There are no rules
No rules discuss
No rules are required
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
44. Although there is plenty of coal left underground, the mine is unsuitable ________ modern equipment, and is uneconomic.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
45. At present, a government enquiry is taking place ____________ plans to build a masive nuclear reactor two miles north of the town.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
46. The economies of several small countries rely heavily _____ the sale of colorful stamps.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
47. If you want your collection to grow _____ value, it is probably best to avoid things which are sold especially for collectors.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
48. __________ that it might be easier to prepare a better map of the moon than of the earth.

To say
They said
The saying
It is saying
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
49. For the first time ___________, large portions of the universe can be observed simultaneously.

since history
in history
history began
of the beginning of history
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
50. Some areas of the moon are so full of crators _________ an extremely rough surface.

that they present
which present
to present
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
51. Many people are ____________ throw away used pens, and put them in a drawer or box, perhaps hoping they might work again one day.

reluctantly to
reluctant at
reluctant to
to reluctantly
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
52. He remembered the day three months __________ he had walked into the showroom to order the car.

previously when
previously that
previously then
previously which
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
53. The earth might look like a perfect sphere, but careful measurements _______________.

show is not
show that it is not
that show it is not
show it that is not
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
54. Near the White House is another famous landmark ____________ the Washington Monument.

is which
which call
it is called
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
55. For many children, nothing seems so exciting _________their first airplane ride.

so does
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
56. On no account _________________ be removed from the library.

reference books may
may reference books
reference books cannot
reference books
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
57. Kilimanjaro, _________________, rises almost 20,000 feet on the border of Tanzania and Kenya.

it is Africa's highest mountain
Africa's highest mountain
is Africa's highest mountain
of the highest African mountain
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
58. The young of most species eat ________________ (voraciously) for the first few weeks of their lives.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
59. Be sure to send the ___________ (requisite) information with the application form.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
60. ________ (lacking) the complete specifications for the job, we completed the drawings as best we could.

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
61. Questions 61-64

Barbara Tuchman was an American Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who knew how to stand out from the crowd. Author of books such as "The First Salute", her best selling account of the American Revolution, Tuchman had a special talent for making history appealing to common people. Unlike other unpublished historians, Tuchman did not limit herself to a dry retelling of fact. Her prose skillfully combined scholarly treatment with high drama.
Tuch man also distinguished herself by declining to pursue a doctorate degree, which won her the disrespect of many of her mainstream colleagues. To them, the lack of advanced trainingmade her books suspect has literary works and teachings tools. A few others, however, maintained that her art of historical investigation might actually have suffered if she had acquired a Ph.D degree. They point to the boring efforts of historians whose works, for the most part, lie buried on library shelves. Tuchman, on the other hand, succeeded in bringing history to the attention of the masses.

61. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

Pulitzer Prize-winning Historians
The Works Of Barbara Tuchman
An Account of the American Revolution
Barbara Tuchman: A Unique Historian
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
62. According to the passage, Barbara Tuchman had the special ability to...

make historical facts interesting
write many bestselling books
overcome the effects of advanced training
limit her accounts to historical facts
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
63. In the passage, the word "others" could best be replaced by which of the following?

literary works
teaching tools
common people
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
64. It can be inferred from the passage that many mainstream historians...

view Tuchman with great respect
suffered as a result of Tuchman's literary success
dismissed Tuchman's works as literary prose
never attained advanced degrees
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
65. Questions 65-69

Money is an international commodity that moves across continents almost as fast as moves across the street. One of the things that lures money across international borders is the rate of interest. If interest rates are higher abroad than at home, American businesses and investors will move their money out the the USA and into countries with higher interest rates. When domestic interest rates are higher, the flow of money will reverse.
These international money flows are another constraint on monetary policy. Suppose the federal government wants to slow the economy by limiting money-supply growth. Such tight-money policies will tend to raise interest rates in the USA. A higher interest rate is supposed to curb domestic investment and consumer spending. But those higher U.S. interest rates will also be an attraction to foreign money. People holding dollars abroad will want to move more money to teh United States, where it can earn higher interest rates. Foreigners will also want to exchange cheir currencies for dollars, again in order to earn higher interest rates.
As international money flows into the United States, the money supply will expand more quickly than the government desired. This will frustrate the government's policy objectives and may force it to increase the international value of the dollar, making it more difficult to sell U.S. exports. In sum, the internationalization of money is one more problem the federal government has to worry about when it conducst monetary policy.

65. This passage mainly discusses...

international politics
U.S. banking
international money and money policy
interest rates for foreign investors
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
66. The main idea of the passage is that...

money is an international commodity.
interest rates determine the flow of international money.
the Fed controls the international money market
internationalization of money will affect monetary policy
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
67. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

Foreign Money in the USA
Higher Interest Rates: A Cure for Financial Problems?
International Constraints on Monetary Policy
Take Your Money Abroad
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
68. What is the purpose of the passage?

To discourage foreign investment
To gain support for the federal government
To argue for lower interest rates
To discuss the effect of the flow of international money
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
69. Which of the following best describe the organization of the passage?

A classification of monetary policies
A criticism of current monetary policies
A response to a proposal for a change in monetary policy
An explanation of an issue in monetary policy
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
70. Questions 70-74:

The world above the forest floor can be observed by all of us. Rarely, however, do we take the time to notice the teeming life and bustling activity that occurs beneath the ground we walk on.
Of all soil-dwelling creatures, the most abundant are mites and springtails, insect-like creatures that literally eat their way through caverns of subterranean vegetation. The tiny, eight-legged mites lay their eggs on plant matter, which their larvae eat and convert into fresh soil. The bright-colored springtails are named for their ability to leap long distances during their search for decomposed plant matter to eat.
Both mites and springtails are prey to a host of soil-dwelling predators. They thus anchor one end of the food chain that extends to higher forms of forest "lowlife", such as moles that feed on earthworjms and shrews that eat beetles.
Those mammals, in turn, dig tunnels that function as underground byways for other subterranean species. Hibernating chipmunks, turtles, and salamanders sift and mix the soil when they burrow to winter dens. Cottontails and gray foxes excavate shallow dens as sanctuary from predators and harsh weather, while gray squirrels, hiding acorns for the lean season, further blend the earth. From microbe to people, thousands of species work the land upon which all life depends.

70. The passage states that which of the following are the most numerous inhabitants of the soil?

Foxes and cottontails
Earthworms and ants
Mites and springtails
Shrews and moles
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
71. According to the passage, all of the following are true about mites and springtails EXCEPT

they make new soil
they resemble insects
they form the lower end of the food chain
they hibernate for the winter
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
72. An example of predator and prey given in this passage is

mites and springtails
turtles and salamanders
moles and earthworms
gray squirrels and acorns
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
73. Which of the following are mentioned in the passage as living underground during the winter?

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
74. According to the author, the contribution that all the animals mentioned in the passage make to their habitat is

they form the food chain
they work the soil
they find safety in the soil
they convert plant material to new earth
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
75. Questions 75-78:
Man's association and involvement with birds of prey is recorded as far back as the Middle Ages, so if you are interested in history, photography or bird-watching, you will enjoy a visit to the Hawk Conservancy.
Here you can see birds of prey from many parts of the world including hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, vultures and kites. Owls vary enormously in size - from the dimunitive Scops Owl to the great Eagle Owl of the Scandinavian forests. The huge grotesque vultures contrast strangely with the grace and elegance of the falcons.
Using old falconry methods to train our birds, hawks, falcons and eagles are flown free at intervals daily - and this really is a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and splendour of the bird in flight.
At these demonstration times you have the opportunity to hold a bird of prey and to take photographs. If you would like to learn a little more about birds of prey, then our staff will be only too pleased to teach and pass on their enthusiasm and experience, as we believe education is the cornerstone of conservation.
Try to come on a fine dry afternoon to make the best of your visit as our birds will not fly in wet weather. Weather permitting, flying demonstrations are usually given at 12 noon, 2pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm.
The Conservancy offers educational facilities to schools and youth organizations at no extra charge on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each wek during term time. This includes a short introductory lecture and questionnaire for the children to complete , n addition to a full educational flying demonstration. To take advantage of these facilities, all parties must book at least sevens prior to the intended visit. Reduced rates for parties of twenty or over are available upon application.

75. If you go to the Hawk Conservancy, you will see

birds of all kinds
a selection of British birds of prey
every European eagle
birds of prey from all over the world
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
76. One of the main attractions of the Hawk Conservancy is

seeing the birds flying free
being able to handle all the birds
helping to trains falcons
being allowed to feed the birds by hand
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
77. There are afternoon flying demonstrations almost every hour

unless you ask for special facilities
as long as you don't mind paying extra
provided there are enough people
if the weather is good
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
78. Which party of school children would get reduced rates?

A party of 12 booking 5 days before their Friday visit
A party of 40 booking 4 days before their Monday visit
A party of 25 booking 2 weeks before their Tuesday visit
A party of 10 booking a month before their Saturday visit
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
79. Questions 79 - 83:

What is the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome? Past research has suggested a link to the Epstein-Barr virus, but now many scientists are questioning that connection. New findings suggest that he Epstein-Barr virus is not a primary cause, but it may still trigger the illness. The symtoms may be due to a variety of things, rather than just one. Still, some researchers are sticking with the idea of Epstein-Barr virus causing the illness. They say that it is premature to make such a judgement.
Chronic fatigue syndrome has been dubbed the "yuppie disease" by some since it is often diagnosed in professional women in their twenties and thirties. It may be the result of never recovering completely from illnesses such as the flu. Though the cuase is not clear, the symptoms are. To be called a chronic fatigue sufferer, one must have the debilitating illness for more than six months and must exhibit at least eight of the eleven symptoms, including sore throat, mild fever, and muscular aches.

79. With which of the following subjects is the passage mainly concerned?

A disagreement between scientists
Diseases affecting yuppies
Causes and symptoms of an illness
The relationship between a virus and an illness
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
80. Why is this illness often called "the yuppie disease?"

It affects so many young professional women
It has so many symptoms
It is difficult to treat
No one knows for sure what causes it
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
81. According to the passage, a sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome...

will be sick for about six months
will have had the flu
will have eleven symptoms
will have sore throats, aches and fever
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
82. According to the passage, which of the following statements about chronic fatigue syndrome is best supported?

A sufferer might never recover from it
Scientists don't agree on the cause
It is more common among women than men
The Epstein-Barr virus can cause premature effects of the illness
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
83. Chronic fatigue syndrome will cause which of the following?

Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
84. Questions 84-88:
Exposure to bright light may hold the key to helping people who suffer from jet lag and other sleep disorders. In a study of 14 men exposed to fluorescent lighting at various times during 1 24-hour stretch, research scientists have discovered that the body's natural alarm clock can be reset over a period of two or three days. This cuts in third the time required for adjustments in the body after long international flights.
Dr. Charles Czeisler , director of the research team, believes that light has a direct biological effect on the sleep-wake cycle of the body. The hypothalamus; the brain's sleep regulator, is connected straight to nerves in the eye's retina. Dr. Czeisler's theory is that light impulses are the primary factor in resetting the sleep-wake cycle. This stands in contrast to accepted belief that light only indirectly affects the cycle by making it more difficult to sleep.

84. What is the main subject of this passge?

Various ways to avoid jet lag and sleep disorders
Benefits of fluorescent lighting
The nature of the sleep-wake cycle
The effect of light on the internal clcoks of humans
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
85. It can be inferred that resetting the body clock after long flights normally takes...

between six and nine days
almost exactly 24 hours
around two to three days
about four to five days
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
86. According to the passage, what is the hypothalamus?

The body's control center for sleep
The retina of the eye
The sleep-wake cycle
Light impulses
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
87. According to the passage, a traditional scientific belief is that light...

has much effect on the body adjustments.
should not prevent people from sleep.
only indirectly influences the scleep-wake cycle.
is the main regulator of the body's clock.
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
88. It can be inferred from the passage that Dr. Czeisler's theory...

will completely eliminate all sleep disorders.
is not yet accepted principal.
has little practical application.
is based primarily on guesswork.
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
89. Questions 89-94:

During the 1920's the Broadway musical, now widely thought to be the United States's unique contribution to the universal list of theater genres, came into being. Its forebears were certainly the Viennese operettas of Franz Lehar and Oscar Straus. Yet the musical differs from them in that it utilizes a credible plot, music and lyrics of equal importance, strong chorus and ensemble work, and expert choreography. Unlike the earlier operettas and musical comedies in which the company was clearly divided into musicians, dancers, and actors, the Broadway musical requires a cast in which every member can sing, dance, and act with skill and energy. These demands have for two decades dictated the training policies of most of the leading theater schools in the United States.

89. The ancestors of the musicals that were seen in the United States in the 1920s were...

American musical comedies
Vietnnese operettas
Viennese plays
American operas
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
90. The main importance of the Broadway musical to America is that...

it is different from other kinds of American musical
it is America's particular gift to world theater
it contains many different elements
it is a large scale American enterprise
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
91. Which of the following may NOT be used to distinguish a Broadway musical from other, earlier kinds of musical?

Its plot is fairly believable.
The words and music have the same importance.
The dancing is very professional
It is extremely theatrical
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
92. In the kind of musicals that came before the Broadway musical there was a greater emphasis placed on...

more specialized roles
general co-operation
a wide range of abilities
chorus work
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
93. The author of the passage implies that some theater schools in the United States are very much interested in finding...

more varied plays
tougher training programs
an increasing number of students
students possessing many abilities
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
94. The paragraph following the passage most probably discusses...

how the Broadway musical was developed overseas
the activities of theater schools in the United States
the relationship of the Broadway musical to other forms of musical
what each member of a company must do in a Broadway musical
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
95. Questions 95-100:
Dolphins emit rapid streams of high-pitched clicks, some audible to us, some ultrasonic. It is probable that the "melon", the bulging dome on the front of a dolphin's head, has something to do with beaming the sonar signals forward, but its exact workings are not understood. As in the case of bats, there is a relatively slow "cruising rate" of clicking, rising to a high speed (400 clicks per second) buzz when the animal is closing in on prey. Even the "slow" cruising rate is pretty fast. The river dolphins that live in muddy watr are probably the most skilled echolocators, but some sea dolphins have been shown in tests to be pretty good too.

95. All the sounds made by dolphins...

are ultrasonic
can be heard by humans
are loud
are high in pitch
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
96. The "melon" can be found

among sonar signals
on a dome
on a dolphin's head
among a stream of clicks
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
97. Scientists are not sure about

how some dolphins emit sounds
the composition of sonar signals
the pitch of the dolphin's clocks
the function of the "melon"
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
98. The rate of clicking in dolphins increases when

they get near their targets
they approach bats
the cruising rate accelerates
they get excited
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
99. River dolphins are good at

locating melons in muddy water
crusing at pretty high speeds
using sounds to find objects
beating sea dolphins in tests
Trắc nghiệm tổng hợp trình độ C
100. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

Sea and river dolphins
The cruising rate of dolphins
The quality of dolphins' sounds
Dolphins and echolocation